What’s in a level?

You will all know that last Thursday, Jacinda and her team outlined more details on what life will look like for us all at Alert Level 3.

Following that announcement, the Hospice Pandemic Response Planning Group met to discuss this and what changes might be put in place, if our region moves to level 3.  However, due to vulnerability of our patients and the directive from the PM that people should work from home the decision was reached that our hospice is to remain operating as we are at Alert Level 4, when the Marlborough region moves to Alert Level 3.

In summary this means that:

All staff who are not required to be on duty in the Hospice IPU, will continue to work from home

All community based staff, nursing and allied health, will continue to provide phone contacts with patients and/or their whanau

IPU staff will continue working in their teams and will ensure that personal distancing is observed.

Only 1 designated family visitor per patient in the IPU.

The Hospice team are here to help please phone 03 578 9492 first to discuss your needs and situation. Please don’t turn up at hospice, if we have not advised the staff on duty in the hospice IPU that you are on your way in you will not be allowed to enter

As we head into our first Lockdown Long Weekend, we want to remind you that as an essential service, the Hospice team are only a phone call away.

If you require support from hospice please phone 03 578 9492 first to discuss your needs and situation.  Please don’t turn up at hospice, if we have not advised the staff on duty in the hospice IPU that you are on your way in you will not be allowed to enter!

Hospice Inpatient Unit

We are still maintaining the one designated visitor per patient and it is still vitally important that we uphold the social distancing between all people of 2 metres apart.

We also want to add that Jacinda has advised us that along with the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, Lexie has also been designated as an essential worker.

Happy Easter! May it be filled with lots of love, joy and chocolate!

We know that this could be a worrying time for people and their families as we adapt to the necessary changes to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

As an essential health service hospices around the country will continue supporting people and their families and whanau in the community as we go into alert level 4.

If you require support from hospice during this isolation period – please phone 03 578 9492 first to discuss your needs and situation.

Please do not visit your hospice inpatient facility without calling first.

There are a number of websites and resources that have good factual information around this topic – and links to support for people who might be struggling.

The NZ Ministry of Health website is update daily and is a good place to check in for up to date information.

There is also the New Zealand Government Unite Against COVID-19 website.

If you are feeling vulnerable or concerned please reach out and ask for support.

Our Services

As you can appreciate the Covid-19 crisis is pretty fluid and the situation not only changes day to day but also hour by hour within the day.

Therefore we are constantly reviewing the safety measures we have put in place and asking the question – ‘Is it enough to keep all our people safe?’

Based on the information and evidence we are seeing from around the world there are times when the answer has to be ‘No’. In these instances the team are then charged with implementing further measures that reflect our duty of care and need  to provide the safest environment possible.

Hospice Inpatient Unit: The Pandemic Response Planning Team has made the decision to restrict further the number of visitors entering the Hospice.

Effective immediately, only one nominated visitor for each patient will be allowed to enter the hospice building.  There will be limited or consideration on compassionate grounds which will be applied on a case by case basis. I ask you all to please accept and respect this decision and any case of compassionate consideration will need to be cleared with a member of the Leadership Group BEFORE this restriction can be waived.  Please call us on 03 578 9492 for more advice.

This has not been an easy decision to take. We are very aware of the stress and anxiety that this will cause families at such an important time in theirs and their dying family member’s lives.

In making this decision, we are very concerned that with every person entering the building from outside, including staff, we run the risk that they may inadvertently be bringing the virus in with them.